PRE is the acronym indicating the series of International Workshops on Photoluminescence of Rare-Earth: Photonic Materials and Applications, begun in Trento, Italy, in May 2005, on the initiative of Maurizio Ferrari and Giancarlo C. Righini. These Workshops are sponsored by the TC20 Committee (Photonic Glasses and Optical Fibers) of the International Commission on Glass (ICG).

All the Workshops have been quite successful and keep providing excellent opportunities for discussions between researchers working on photoluminescence of rare-earth ions in various materials and devices, as well as on their applications.

Here there are some data about the past PREs (the number of contributions includes all types of presentation, namely invited, oral, and poster). Since 2016, dr. Righini has been appointed Honorary Chair of the PRE Workshops.

PRE’05 (Trento, Italy)

Co-chairs: Bernard Champagnon, Maurizio Ferrari, Giancarlo C. Righini

Attendance: over 70 people, from 9 Countries - 47 presentations

PRE’07 (Trento, Italy)

Co-chairs: Maurizio Ferrari, Giancarlo C. Righini, Setsuhisa Tanabe

Attendance: over 70 people, from 9 Countries - 57 presentations

PRE’10 (Florence, Italy)

Co-chairs: Maurizio Ferrari, Giancarlo C. Righini, Setsuhisa Tanabe

Attendance: 126 people from 20 Countries - 96 presentations

PRE’12 (Kyoto, Japan)

Co-chairs: Setsuhisa Tanabe, Giancarlo C. Righini, Maurizio Ferrari

Attendance: 167 participants from 21 Countries - 140 presentations

PRE’14 (San Sebastian, Spain)

Co-chairs: Rolindes Balda, Joaquìn Fernández, Maurizio Ferrari

Attendance: 110 participants from 23 Countries - 122 presentations

PRE’16 (Greenville, USA)

Co-chairs: Luiz G. Jacobsohn, John Ballato

Attendance: 65 participants from 11 Countries - 59 presentations

PRE’17 (Roma, Italy)

Co-chairs: Dominik Dorosz, Maurizio Ferrari, Laeticia Petit

Attendance: 140 participants from 28 Countries - 137 presentations

PRE’19 (Nice, France)

Co-chairs: Wilfried Blanc, Pieter Dorenbos, Fiorenzo Vetrone

Attendance: more than 140 participants from 26 countries - 147 presentations

After each Workshop, a Special Issue of a journal (so far, it was Optical Materials) was published, that included a number of selected papers, peer-reviewed according to the standard journal’s procedure:

    • PRE’05: Optical Materials, Volume 28, Issue 11, August 2006

Preface, by G. C. Righini, M. Ferrari, B. Champagnon

PRE'05 OM Preface.pdf

    • PRE’07 Optical Materials, Volume 31, Issue 9, July 2009

Preface, by G. C. Righini, M. Ferrari, S. Tanabe

PRE'07 OM Preface.pdf

    • PRE’10: Optical Materials, Volume 33, Issue 2, December 2010

Preface, by G. C. Righini

PRE'10 OM Preface.pdf

    • PRE’12: Optical Materials, Volume 35, Issue 11, September 2013

Preface, by S. Tanabe, G. C. Righini, M. Ferrari

PRE'12 OM Preface.pdf

    • PRE’14: Optical Materials, Volume 41, March 2015

Preface, by R. Balda, J. Fernández, M. Ferrari

PRE'14 OM Preface.pdf

Preface, by Luiz G. Jacobsohn and John Ballato

PRE'16 OM Preface.pdf

    • PRE’17: Optical Materials, Volume 87, January 2019

Preface, by D. Dorosz, G. C. Righini, M. Ferrari, L. Petit

PRE'17 OM Preface.pdf

Editorial, by W. Blanc, P. Dorenbos, F. Vetrone, G. C. Righini

PRE’19 CI Editorial.pdf

The story continues: see you in Cancún, Mexico, in August 2022, and in Poland in September 2022.